Yes all of our crops have removeable pads. We have found that some like the breast protection and some prefer to remove them. Its your personal preference.

Our community is mixed on this. Some say no not at all some say yes. But the one thing they do agree on is that they are super comfortable. So if your body shape is one that see some ride, because the fabric is so soft you will not end up with that awful bunched up feeling between the thighs.

You sure can. We have just set up new website functionality so that you can choose the size of crop and bummers independently. So go ahead and order your preference for each.

We are working on this and it will be coming soon. We have just added stock indicators to all products so that you'll know when we are getting low.

Our crops are medium to firm support. When selecting your size try and follow the measurements in the size guide. The bottom band that sits around the top of your torso is designed to not move when you raise your arms providing better comfort and support during game play.

We sure do. Besides the colours that you see on our site we can do other colours and can provide swatches to easily match to your uniform. We do have a minimum order no for customisation though. Send us a message and we'll let you know how it works.

We created Bumrs Bucks as a way to support local clubs and associations across Australia. Its a simple affiliate program where you sign up to Bumrs Bucks and we give you a link to put out in your club or association, through emails and/or socials, and for every purchase the club/association earns $ to support their operations. Its all about supporting grassroots netball. Reach out we're happy to have a chat about how we can assist you.


Reach us though our Contact Page for any of your questions, inquiries, and suggestions. We love to hear from you!