Netball Bummers and Middies Guide

Our bummers are designed to not peak out of the bottom of a dress. This is regulation in some states and associations. Check your local rules.

Your height and body shape will determine how they sit. Best bet is to refer to the images on our site and try and match with one of our models.

For those that like them a little bit longer (5cm at bottom hem) try our Middies. They are identical to our bummers in very way except for the length.

Both feature a no seam waistband and flat lock seams for extra comfort.

Leg Fit:

Most bummers ride up because they are either not the right size or because your body shape, particularly your upper leg shape, is bigger where the bottom hem sits. 

Some of our community swear that they just don't ride up, while some say they do. The main difference is that because the seams are flat and the fabric is so soft, if they do ride up they are not uncomfortable between the legs like most fabrics and other bummers/shorts.


You want your bummers to be firm but not tight around your legs. If you know that you have larger thighs and issues with riding up try our Middies. That extra 5cm at the bottom can make a huge difference. It really just boils down to your preference and what's comfortable for you.